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love and support and celebrate fat girls who don’t have a booty or like in general fat girls with the fat in places that never get celebrated p l e a s e for the love of everything that is good in this world

like let’s not pretend curvy is a synonym for fat curvy is literally just this one specific socially acceptable way to be fat and I am getting increasingly frustrated about it


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reminder that the matrix trilogy was written and directed by a trans woman (lana wachowski) along with her brother

one of the most influential and iconic sci fi movies was created by a trans woman and MORE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS!! lana wachowski is a babe and an inspiration, one of the few female directors in hollywood as well as one of the few transgender people in hollywood. 





new aesthetic: surreal pop punk

your shorts are glowing and are made of a material not known to this world. your vans die and regenerate every night. every band does covers of gregorian chants. your bangs extend into infinity.

fall out void

Abandon your mortal form and ascend to a higher plane! at the disco

Mulder: You just ran a stop sign back there, Scully.
Scully: Shut up, Mulder.
Mulder: Sure, fine, whatever.


no but seriously, ableist shit that needs to stop in mainstream feminism:

  • calling MRAs ‘autistic’, there are autistic women and we face so much shit and using our identity as an insult is degrading
  • promoting being traditionally clever and reading books above other things, not all of us can read and not all of us have traditional book smart intelligence, many of us have low IQs, we are still women and we are still worth fighting for
  • treating eating disorders as a petty thing to gain male attention and something ~empowered~ women don’t have, see ‘Stupid Girls’ by P!nk, eating disorders are serious fucking illnesses which majorly affect women and should not be dismissed
  • not seeing accessibility as a feminist issue, so many conferences and women’s space are not accessible to disabled and as such exclude them, disabled women having access, agency and autonomy needs to be seen as a serious feminist issue
  • treating women as defined by their bodies, many disabled women have very different bodies, genes and chromosomes to abled women but they are still women and should not be dismissed based on arbitrary definitions of sex


The X Files Season Three GifFest                 
The X Files -
3x12- 'War of the Coprophages'


reminder that just because it was never explicitly stated that john winchester beat his children doesn’t mean that he never did

reminder that from the info we have canonically gotten, dean and sam practically raised themselves, dean went without food to give more to sam, john had them move around and live in a very isolated, sheltered environment

reminder that jensen said dean likely sold himself for money when he was a teenager, probably to pay the bills and keep his family fed

reminder that even bobby admitted that john was a terrible father

reminder that both dean and sam show signs of having been abused - dean with his outbursts of anger and sam with how well he takes those outbursts

reminder of the “and when dad came home…” line

reminder that john was a drunk who got so hellbent on revenge for the death of his wife that he neglected and mistreated about the two people he still had

reminder that one moment in which he sacrificed himself for dean doesn’t excuse more than two decades worth of awful parenthood. that “but he did it for mary” doesn’t excuse the fact that dean felt more at home in a place for delinquent boys than he ever did with john. that sam ran away multiple times. that dean knew a demon had possessed his father because he said “i’m proud of you”.

reminder that john winchester was a bad father, period.


holy fuck we have our windows open and we heard a blood curling scream so naturally I went to look out the window because wow is someone getting stabbed?? and it is just my neighbour on his knees staring at a KFC chicken bucket spilt all over his driveway