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Anonymous whispered: Some Wincestiel fluff? Please~



"You move."

"You should both move."

"Shut up. You’re the one with goddamn fuckin’ wings everywhere."

"I have two wings, Dean. They are not. ‘Everywhere.’"

"You wanna stop with the goddamn air quotes?"

"He’s trying, Dean."

"You’re. Trying."

"Real mature."


"Dean. I wish to know why Tyrion is upset."

"Then watch the fuckin’ show."

"I cannot concentrate."

"Yeah, Dean. You realise you have to pay attention to get the plot, right? I mean, if you’d read the books, you’d have already found out—"

"I ain’t read them and I ain’t readin’ ‘em, so shut up. Spoilers."

"Yes, Sam. Spoilers."

"Aren’t you two supposed to be fighting?"

"I dunno what to tell you. We’ve got a—"

"Profound bond."

"Wow. Way to ruin the moment."

"I also have a bond with you, Sam. I was. Teasing you."

"You spent too much time with Dean."

"Dude, you corrupted him, too. That ain’t all on me."

"Ow. Cas, what are you—"

"Lean forward, please. Both of you."

"What you—"

"Are you both warm enough?"

"Dude. You’re all fluffy under there."

"I am not—"

"Ignore him. You’re good. It’s really nice. Thanks, Cas."

"You are welcome. Now. Both of you. Settle."


hmm let’s go through this one by one boys and girls

  • "the joke about misha was not transphobic." you are not trans so you don’t get to decide what’s transphobic?? woW??? (also my favorite bit is "it was not taken this way by misha who is a GOOD FRIEND!!!! of mine" yes because i’m sure you two are so close that you have a hive mind and know exactly what his internal reaction was)
  • "If you want a show about relationships, or about women, complex, self-actualized female characters—" DO YOU EVEN HEAR YOURSELF
  • "the show is a show about men. If you don’t like that, watch another show." thank you for teaching me that i should be COMPLETLEY COMPLACENT in women being murdered, objectified, or trivialized on a show which IS STILL ON FUCKING AIR because of its women fandom. SPECTACULAR.
  • You can criticize the show, and you can criticize me, as is your right, of course. I can take it. Go nuts.” obviously you can’t take it or you wouldn’t have spawned this defensive manifesto in the first place
  • In art, as in America, everyone is entitled to be wrong.” pot. kettle.